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Bell Tower Falls Provides Private Space for the Entire
Wedding Party!

Not only does your venue booking include the main barn, all outdoor space, and the open air bar, but at Bell Tower Falls, we know that your wedding day starts well before the ceremony begins. Having your own space to make memories with your family and bridal party before you say, “I Do,” is an important part of your wedding story. We invite you to enjoy full access to the bridal party spaces, including a groom's quarters, at no additional cost.

Bridal Suite

The bridal suite sets the mood for your wedding day, so it is a critical part of your experience.   The Bell Tower Falls bridal suite contains several distinct areas:


BRIDE's LOUNGE: Dedicated relaxation space with access to amenities such as wi-fi, tv with streaming services, and an Alexa so that you can choose to set the vibe for your day.


PRIVATE DRESSING ROOM: This private dressing room overlooks the property and is large enough to comfortably accommodate all of your dressing room needs. 

BOUTIQUE SALON: Getting ready with friends bonds people together in laughter and fond memories.  Bell Tower Falls has created enough space to seat multiple people at once in swiveling hydraulic chairs to make the process of getting ready as easy and fun as possible.  The boutique salon is connected to the lounge area so that your attendants can move easily between one space and the other.

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6.29 Bridal Suite1
11.15.23Bridal Suite3
6.29 Bridal Suite3
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Groom's Quarters

The Groom's Quarters are designed to accommodate your wedding party in style!

GROOM'S LOUNGE: The lounge is the perfect place for a groom to gather with his crew for a fun day of celebration.  Amenities include wi-fi, streaming services, live tv, and an air conditioner!  


COVERED PORCH: This covered outdoor porch provides comfort shade, seating, and even a grill for making memories with friends!  This place is designed for a full day of bonding.  Cheers!   

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6.28 Groom Grill
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00Grooms quarters
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